dissononce Noise Protocol Framework for Python

Published: 2019
Authors: Tarek Galal

Dissononce is a python implementation for Noise Protocol Framework. A main goal of this project is to provide a simple, easy to read and understand practical reference for Noise enthusiasts, implementers and users. Therefore this project attempts to stick to the following guidelines:

  • Syntax that resembles as closely as possible definitions and pseudo code mentioned in Noise Specs.
  • As minimal python "magic" as possible (explicit is better than implicit).
  • Code that is simple, easy to read, follow and understand.
  • Flexibility to easily adopt future changes to Noise specifications.
  • Deviations from Noise Specs (additions, opinionated specs and API changes..etc) are isolated from original implementation/API and are optional to use.
  • Deviations from Noise Specs do not influence adjustments to original implementation/API that conflict with Noise Specs.